Looc National High School

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Through an issue of  a teacher’s journal written by Dr. Pedro Orata of Pangasinan sometime in October, 1966 salient guidelines of opening a local high school was known. This inspired one person, Mr. Dionisio A. Bulawin to open up a public high school. Bringing this up in the PTA meeting, presided by Gerardo Diongco, moved to open by Navaro Nisnisan, seconded by Blas Clavano and consensus were done and resolutions were made and were endorsed to the Brgy. Council whose captain during this 1967 was Capt. Regino Monera.

                They formally applied to open a public high school with the concerted efforts of these personages: Misamis Occidental Division Superintendent Carlos P. Balaoro, the key PTA and Barangay officials with the LES school personnels and teaching force. Having met all the requirements needed, they followed up the move though there were some interventions from religious and political sectors. They procured permit on February 11, 1967 with their MONHS as their mother school.

                 Mr. Salvador Villarino offered his transpo- services and several Civic minded people of Looc supported the project of this High School opening. Through aggregated solicitations, chairs, books, school supplies and other equipments were furnished and supplied. The Division office and Misamis Occidental National High School, the mother school, also aided much at that time of the June 1967 opening as our birth. During this time the teacher in- charge in  school was Mr. Dionisio Bulawin. The following year, he was moved to Mamanga ES.

                So, in this year 1968-1969 Principal Godofredo Balbutin of the Looc Elementary School, took charge of the High School then.

                Year 1969, Late Ibarra Lumasag took over the administration and also Genoveva Dumalagan  up to 1976-1977. Improvements of Physical facilities were made. Here,  books  were received from Aloran High School through Mr. Clemente Loquero’s efforts.

                By 1977, Mr. Amando Batoy was assigned as principal of Looc Elementary School took charge of the High School. Changes and improvements were taking place.

                Dr. Edilberto D. Clarete took the rein when Mr. Amando Batoy was transferred in 1979.

                 It was in the year 1981, that Looc Barrio High School was administered by a full time head teacher. The first two sections were assigned with rooms. There were five full time teachers namely:Rodulfo Nisnea, Jose Medija, Ms. Luz Rillas, Mrs. Ligaya Muriedas, Mr. Ricardo Lanzaderas some six part- time Elementary teachers who  were: Carmen Dumalagan, Angelina Clavano, Salvio Edmilao, Teresita Edmilao, Antonio Eroy and Teofila Diongco. They were locally funded by the DILG, Department of Interior and Local Government.

                Year 1987, Mr. Clemente A. Loquero one of the High School teachers, was promoted as the head teacher to administer the High School with the PTA President, Mr. Gerardo A. Diongco

                Because they had team work, they followed up many projects for the school. Then  the Bagong Lipunan Buildings were constructed at  Lao Annex now our new site. Year 1984, the first two units of BLSB classrooms were erected.

                Year 1985-1986, the first year and second year classes A and B  were transferred here in  Lao- Annex .

                 Sir Loquero retired and Mrs. Margarita L. Ruben replaced his position. With the concerted efforts of all stakeholders during the OIC Mrs. Margarita L. Ruben’s time, with the full support of the teachers, PTA officials and our administrations in the LGU officials under the administration of Mayor Ernie D. Clarete, sprouted more buildings for the school.

                Initial constructions like: six classrooms arise; nine concrete classrooms and the seven temporary classrooms. On December 9, 1991 the two storey of the ESF Bldg. ( Economic Support Fund) was constructed. This is the result of Clemente Loquero and Gerardo Diongco’s Application done in the year 1987. The project was fast tract through the joint efforts of Mrs. Margarita L. Ruben and the late Felix  Maquiling  the PTA President and his officials as well as the former Congressman and Mayor Ernie D. Clarete and the Sangguniang Bayan  Members then. From OIC to her promotion as principal of Looc National High School, Mrs. Margarita L. Ruben spearheaded in urging teachers to take their masteral studies for professional development.

                 She took measures to avail more buildings and laboratory equipments and enhanced school’s facilities. Subscriptions of materials like Bato-Balani and the likes for students' developments were implemented. During her time, was the maiden issue of the School Organ with Mrs. Eve C. Tercera and Mrs. Filomena Pulangas, under Miss Felomina S. Mira, as the pioneer school paper advisers. Ventures geared for students' growth and exposures academic wise were undertaken. In 1997, Mrs. Ruben was moved to Clarin National High School in her promotion as Principal II. Then, Mr. Florentino R. Santos Jr. from MONHS, Oroquieta City took rein as Principal I of Looc National High School as his promotion. It was during his term that the Science Investigatory projects made a hit in their wins regional and national wide. Math challenger were making waves as well as more academic achievements were reaped and the school had garnered recognitions like the Lonahisian Staffers.

                In year 2003, comes Mr. Nicolas M. Martinez to take the hand in the administration of the LNHS. He continued to accomplish more achievements for the school, infrastructure  as well as in its population rates. More teachers were then promoted and the mushrooming of Master Teachers, Head Teachers take off! Making known the name of the school!

                In the year 2009, with the entry of our present principal, Mr. Ricardo L. Lapiz, onset of multiple programs and curricular spurted! The birth of  SPS, SPA, OHSP, SPED from just regular curriculum were now opened. Recitals, Sports Events, Lonahisian, CIs and others. SHS Achievements blossomed.In Sir Lapiz time, the covered court was constructed, Senior High School Buildings ( SHS) were started, Chiongbian and Cebulin were Annexed.SBM leveling- up were attained. Teachers reach beyond hundreds ,constructions were developed and added as well as the dreaming for higher academe are in sights.

                 With the golden years of the school, we became purer and precious in the ordeals and challenges met and conquered.

                Together we’ll sail on!

                Together let’s soar high!

                Together we can!

                Long Live Looc NHS!

                Mabuhay 50th

                Golden years of our Beloved School!

From Looc Barangay, to Looc Nationalized up to our Looc National High School! We are bound in our accord of LOVE, DREAM!- Onward to Progress All- God Bless!